There’s no such thing as a free lunch. The gifts of the ocean come with the inherent responsibility to protect them.


Welcome to Our Reef, a place for discovery.

I believe everyone is an explorer at heart, it’s engrained in our spirit.


However, in today’s age of ever-increasing animosity towards our natural resources, it has never been more pertinent for us to work together to enact change.

Through my travels across the globe, I've encountered countless organisms that have each affected me in a profound way.

They deserve our unyielding effort to protect their future.


We venture forth today in an effort to reconnect man to the place he was born.

You see, we are of the sea.


The umbilical has long been broken, however this doesn’t change the fact that what is within is came from the sea.


An unfair, sometimes viscous place, it is no surprise it bears such strong resemblance to the human psyche.

There is work to be done.


There are changes to be made.


This is our lives, our planet, and Our Reef.